Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Went to talk to a man about a business today. . . Kinda interested in buying it but it isn't necessarily in the industry I *want* to be in. . . But it would be my own place and it is in an industry I *know* stuff about. . . But I think we need to pray A LOT about it before we start jumping in head first. . . God grant us wisdom to not make dumb choices!

Also went to see the chiropractor again.  He put me back in and said I was good to go until I started hurting again.  That's always good!

Ate lunch with my wonderful husband and visited a few friends.  Talked to one of them about VBS.  This years theme is Saddle Ridge Ranch or Saddle Up Ranch or something like that. . . So, for the snack time I'm going to dress "cowboy".  Haven't decided if I can get by with stealing Uncle J's revolvers and wearing them or not.  ;-)  I think the kids would get a KICK out of it but I don't know if the adults would appreciate it or not. . .

OhOhOhOhOOOOOOO we got 4/10ths of an inch of rain this morning!!!!!!!!!!  It was awesome, thunder and rain are a couple of my favorite sounds!

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