Sunday, June 19, 2011

Garden Update. . .

We have cucumbers!!!!!!!  I'll have to start a crock of sweet pickles this week!  We also have a boat load of squash, what do you do to preserve squash?.?.?  I dug the row of potatoes yesterday morning, got quite a few.  Now I just have to figure out how to store them so they don't rot.  J started tilling the garden this morning. . . Why can't the pretty grass grow in the yard and not in the garden? *tangent* And we've had an infestation of snakes in the garden.  We've killed 2 and J let one get a way in the last few days.  UGH.  I *really* *HATE* snakes! *tangent ends* I'm sure there is a load of green beans that needs picked tomorrow and they sure need weeded too.  Maybe I'll try canning some green beans and new potatoes?  I've never tried that but maybe I will. . . Tomatoes are starting to set on!  I've been making a lot of salsa so I'm running low on tomato juice, that will be a blessing to be able to can a bunch of it this year!  Oh, J also picked a couple peppers this morning, Big Jim I think.  They smell great!  I love using fresh peppers instead of frozen ones!

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