Monday, June 13, 2011

Good day at work.  Not that I got much work done.  Jeff had to tell everyone about my weekend adventure which meant I had to show them pics and talk about it.  Fun!
I did get to talk to a couple firearms instructor and have adjusted my grip just a little, shot some more this evening and I got the group up but it is still right. . . I had one of them tell me he'd spend an hour with me at the range and he'd fix it.  I may take him up on it sometime soon!  I've been told he's one of the best teachers around!
After work I booked it to Chandler to my first ever Zumba class.  First of all, this white girl doesn't have rhythm, second, it was tough keeping up with the steps, but the instructor said it would take 3 or 4 classes to get the steps right so not to worry about it, third, my hips don't shake very good. . . We'll see, next class is Wednesday. 
I also am trying to cut out sugar.  That is HARD!!!!!!  I love sweet stuff but my body isn't liking it!  So, for breakfast I had oatmeal (I really hate oatmeal) for a snack I had almonds, for lunch some grill chicken and oakie chips (more about okie chips another day), and green beans, for supper a Shakeology chocolate shake, yes, it has sugar but not much and it is fairly healthy.  No other snacks in the middle which is really hard!  And unsweet tea and water for drinks. . .
Tomorrow is my day off, food will be easier I *think*, I have some fresh vegies I can munch on.  I will probably clean house, work outside, and maybe read a book or watch a movie under the a/c when it gets too hot.
OH OH OH I got my first *ever* cabbage tonight!
We have never tried growing cabbage and have learned quite a bit.  Next year it needs started inside it's planted outside, and I need to do something to keep worms and other vermin from eating it.
Well, I think that's about it for my day.  Gonna spend the rest of it with my amazing-wonderful husband!

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