Friday, June 10, 2011

Gun Review - S&W Body Guard 38 Special

How about a quasi gun review. . . This is the pistol I carry every day!  And I LOVE IT!  It is a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38 Special.  It has a built in laser and a thin grip.
Pros - - The thin grip is easier to conceal than some of the revolvers with bigger/thicker grip
             The cylinder release is on top instead of the side so it doesn't get caught and is easy to open
             The recoil isn't bad
             It is pretty light
             It is inexpensive and isn't a big deal if it gets scratched or worn
Cons - - The cylinder release is in a different place and kinda hard to get use to
              Long trigger pull because there isn't a hammer to utilize
              Built in laser will probably not get used and it is kinda in the way on a holster

If I was going to recommend a gun to a lady who was going to carry it on body this would be it.  Actually this is it, I've sold a lot of these ladies who have seen how I carry it and realize that it is possible to carry a pistol on body. 
Later I will rant on off body carry but that is for another day.

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