Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lazy Sunday!

We got an awesome 1.8" of rain early this morning!  That changed my plans for what I was going to do this afternoon!  Thank you Lord I don't have to water the garden (that's what I was going to do along with a little weed pulling).  But since it rained it was to wet to walk out in the garden.  I am SO happy we got the rain!!!
So, after church I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up some pictures from our skydiving adventure yesterday and came home and had lunch and took a LONG nap!  After my lovely nap with my lovely husband I had a bowl of leftover homemade ice cream and decided I wanted to go out and shoot a little. . .
I bought a Ruger LC9 a few months ago so I could "review" it and be able to realistically tell people about it when they are looking for a new conceal carry pistol.
This is my LC9 target at 10 yards.  Shot 25 rounds.  Not happy with the group at all and I can't figure out *why* it was grouping to the right.  Normally if I'm messing something up it's going left. . . I think this will be a good carry pistol for those who like a semi-auto, I mean that group *will* kill someone if need be!  But it isn't my cup of tea.  ;-)  It does not have a hammer so the trigger pull is long and hard (which is a good safety feature and if you're in a bind you'll have enough nerves the trigger pull isn't going to matter).  Because it is a conceal carry type of pistol the grip is very thin, which I don't care a lot for.  But I am going to shoot it some more and pick up some hollow point ammo and try carrying it for a little while to see how it feels.  (I'll probably keep my beloved revolver handy so I can switch out if need be)
This is my favorite semi-auto, a Colt M1911 full size 45 cal.  This is the first gun I *pimped*.  When I got it, it had some boring grips and was all black.  I sent it to the gunsmith and he added the stainless accents and the rosewood/rubber grips.  I shot it this evening after the LC9, only about 25-35 rounds. . . Not to bad of a group (about 10 yards).  One of these days I'll get brave and back up further but the shooting bench was at 10 yards so that's where I stayed ;-).
This was a few weeks ago.  Shot with a S&W 686, 7 shot revolver with a 4" barrel.  This is by far the most accurate gun I shoot.  It is so easy to shoot!  Some where shot at 10 yards, some at 15, the 2 high were one handed shots. 

Now we are back in the house under the a/c (thank you Lord for a/c).  Going to chill and watch a little baseball the rest of the evening. 

Looking forward to a good week!  (P.S. I'm going to take a Zumba class tomorrow evening after work.  I hope I can move on Tuesday!)

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