Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh what a day! Went to the "health food store" for the first time ever, my goodness it is ridiculous!  They had limes for $4 a pound, Wal-Mart had them for 18 cents each.  HUM, I'm willing to try eating healthy but I don't think my pocket book can afford it!  Hazelnuts were expensive also but I got some anyway.  They are my favorite nut and I've never seen them for sale anywhere else!  I need to find a cheaper place for them! 

Ate lunch with John after *shopping*, that is always nice!!!  Then home to fix the chick coop so they couldn't fly out.  Got some light netting to put over the top.  While gathering stuff up to work on that I started looking for my stapler, the one we use for hanging targets.  HUM, I can't find it anywhere!  I used it Monday and since then it's dissapeared!  Anyway, I used zip ties instead of staples and it seems to be working ok. 

Lincoln County GOP meeting this evening.  A bit of tension but hopefully that is over and done with! 

Home really late and fixed some supper, at like 9 pm.  John got fajita nachos and I had a bowl of fruit.  It really isn't fun trying to eat healthy when his food smells *so* good!

Tomorrow it's just Haskell and me at work and Zumba tomorrow evening.  Saturday I have off but need to do a ton of housework and need to dig potatoes and we have RedHawk tickets for Saturday night.  That's always a nice relaxing time!

Not a very fun post but that's what's going on.  I'll try to post my homemade nutella recipe tomorrow!!!

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