Sunday, July 24, 2011

 We are just getting started in the "farming" business (I think we've owned cows for 3 years or so. . . We do not have the latest greatest equipment.  We do not know everything.  But we're having fun!
 We were finally able to buy this awesome powerstroke Ford!  That helps a lot!  We can now pull about anything that needs pulled, like a trailer full of hay (borrowed trailer) or a trailer full of cows (again we have to borrow a trailer).  Unlike the old Toyota we have (which is a great pickup for bad weather) it would not pull anything very good. . . Like one cow at a time was all you could haul. . .
We have a great tractor.  Unfortunately for unloading a trailer of hay it is not great.  The lift will not go high enough to reach the bales of hay so we (as in J) has to pull each bale off one at a time and then move them into place along the driveway.  Yes, our driveway is lined with hay bales but we don't really have a better place to put them.  I am not in this world to impress people with how my driveway looks, as long as it's clean from trash and clutter I'm happy!
One of these days we'll be able to buy a tractor with a front end loader and our own hay hauling trailer and cattle trailer.  But until then we are blessed with friends and family who will loan us trailers.  And blessed with the ability to *pull* each bale off instead of the trailer.  Wow, was it only about 2 winters ago that when we had to feed hay we had to tie onto it and pull it into the pasture with the Toyota pickup?  Man, we're moving up in the world! 
(P.S. I do not pick out what my husband wears so please overlook his attire.)  (P.S.S. He makes me smile!)

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  1. Missy, I love this post! Congratulations on moving up in the world -- I'm sure hard work had a lot to do with it! :)