Sunday, July 17, 2011

No Electric. . .

In the middle of my afternoon nap the electric went off. . . Around 3:30ish (pm) I think. . . John called it in and I went back to my nice long nap.  Woke up about 5, still no electric. . . (Found out there is a big fire south of us that took out some electric poles) We decided since it was National Ice Cream Day and we couldn't open the freezers to get out the homemade ice cream because of letting the cold air out we'd go into town to Braums. . .(If you are not familiar with Braums you should be ashamed, lol, it is a dairy store that has a TON of different wonderful ice creams) I had a shameful big NONO heath bar sundae (only a single dip to my credit) and J had an ice cream cone with a dip of lime and orange sherbert.  And that folks is how you celebrate Ntl. Ice Cream Day with no electric.  lol
Anyway, back to no electric.  After eating ice cream in the air conditioned car we headed home and decided to get the generator out and going. . . We have 3 chest freezers and a frig that needed some coolness.  Oklahoma summer isn't really conducive to no electric things thaw fast!  (I think it's 100+ and it's 7:45 pm).  So, J got everything hooked up and had enough power to hook the internet stuff and a couple fans to it also.
Fans helped tremendously!  It was only 85 in the house but that's still warm with no air flow!
Now I'm trying to decide what I can fix on the grill for supper.  Everything is frozen and we have no water because of being on a well system.  UGH.  We should have got supper when we were in town getting ice cream I guess.  I have some bologna but J said he'd pass, he's not much of a bologna lover like I am.  MMM Bologna and fresh garden tomatoes!!!! 
Well, until next time.  Lord bless you all with peace and love and electric!

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