Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Okie Chips

Well, I will never be able to go to the Fillin Station and order these again.  Why you ask?  Because they sold out and it's going to be a chain Boomerang.  :(  So So sad for a good food place to go away.  So here's my version of Okie Chips. . .

2 large baked potatoes (yes already baked), I think they're best if they are still kinda firm
2 giant hand fulls of shredded cheese
4 pieces of crispy fried bacon, crumbled
Chives, chopped
Ranch Dressing
Slice the baked potatoes into medallions, thickness is up to you, I like mine middle of the road. . . Place them into a hot cast iron skillet with a touch of butter (to keep them from sticking) and fry on both sides until golden brown.  Remove and place them on a single layer on a large plate.  Sprinkle with cheese (I like a lot) and microwave until almost melted.  Add the crumbled bacon and chives and microwave about 30 more seconds until everything is melted together.  Serve with ranch dressing on the side.  The place I would order these from always made Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing from the packages, it's way better than what you get in the bottle.  I think they used sour cream and buttermilk both but can't remember for sure. . .


  1. Had to become a follower so I could comment on how VERY much I want to make these! They look wonderful!

  2. Your post brought to mind yet another reason why I love this State. :)

  3. Just had to tell you that I tried these last night and they were WONDERFUL! I loved them. Both of my boys loved them. I would like to tell you that my husband loved them but he got home from work to late! hehehe


  4. Hey there,

    Just wanted you to know Chaddar's serves the original okie chips. Have you been in to eat since it was turned into our family restaurant?