Friday, July 22, 2011

Why are you not seeing many posts?  This is why
I'm working my tail off (well if I had a tail I would be) getting ready for this.  (Thanks to Shorty, BS, and Raskell for their had work too) We are getting TONS of freight in, like pallets at a time that are taller than me!  We are trying to clean things up a bit.  I'm working on prices sheets and signs AND trying to keep up with regular daily work like helping customers, paying bills, order, and talking on the phone (which I really hate).  I need my slaverrrrr sister to come back to work so I can have someone to boss around and do the jobs I don't like to do (like clean the bathroom).  HURRY BACK KATIE I MISS YOU!  (She's been cooking at church camp). 
I do get Saturday off this week and hopefully next week, then after that I'm probably moving back to 4-6 days a week instead of my slacking 3 days a week.  Hunting season will be here soon! 

And this is the latest project I've been working on. . .
Trying to gather enough hay to get us through the winter.  This is my Grandpa loading my first load. 
*OFF SUBJECT*  I just spent 8 minutes looking for my camera so I could download pics for this post and couldn't figure out where it was, um yeah, it was hanging on the chair right next to me.  DOH
*BACK TO SUBJECT*  Today was the first time I've ever pulled a giant trailer, a giant goose neck trailer, a giant goose neck trailer with a full load of hay!  Yeah, I was worried a bit!  Thankfully it turned out easy enough.  I even backed it up and it went where I needed it to!  Tomorrow morning J will unload it and we'll go to Glenco for the next load.  Then I think my daddy is going to pick our pickup and trailer up and take it to KS to pick up some kind of tanks and then load it with another load of hay and I'll swap him and bring another load home on Monday after work.  We have to have 70 bale to get through the winter and we're at 19, picking up 13 in the morning and then another 20 or so from dad next week.  Was hoping we could find more closer to home but it looks like we're going to have to get the rest from Stonewall, which is a long drive! 

Also did this this week. . .
 Tomato Juice!  Cleaned the tomatoes and blended them in the blender to make juice.  I do not strain them because I like the pulpyness of them to use for salsa!
 Cook this until all the foamy stuff goes away.  Put them in steralized jars with about a teaspoon of canning salt, wipe the mouth off and put a top on it!
 Hot water bath for 15 minutes.
And then you have beautiful and tasty tomato juice!  It made my house smell wonderful!!!!  I only got 5 quarts but I feel bless with that since most people aren't getting any tomatoes!  We have 80 plants and *should* be getting WAY more than we are!  The HomeStead variety is the ones that are doing the best.  Thanks Grandma Iva Louise for starting them and giving them to us!

We have one more cow due to calve, hope she has a pretty little red baby girl or two!  :D  But odds are against us on boy vs girl calves.  5 cows calved and so far 4 have been bull calves.  Oh well, I guess we'll be able to sell them in the spring and have a little pocket money. 

Last thing for tonight Take a look at this, I got first place :D  WOOHOO

Well, it's way past my bed time! 

Praying for Rain, Peace, and Love! 

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  1. Way to go on winning first place, Missy! Your chocolate cake balls look like truffles... mmmm! Beautiful photo of your home canned tomato juice, too -- that "pop" sound when the lids seal is one of the happiest sounds in the world. :)