Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do you take water for granted? 

What would happen if it was dirty? 

Well, we've been dealing with that today.  106 degrees and we have no clean water.  :(  Thankfully I had a gallon of water left over from an event where I had to make coffee off site!  And that's what I've been drinking.  We took showers in water that is a little muddy but a lot better than no shower at all! 

After the plumber came out and charged $65 for a 3 minute service call to tell us he couldn't do anything but we'd have to pull the well and cut the bottom off, the case had probably caved a bit at the bottom. . .   I called a neighbor to ask if he knew anyone who pulled wells and he said he'd help J do it (J has no plumbing experience at all and didn't have a clue what to do)!  Sweet!  So, J came home early from work and they got busy.  C suggested we let it settle for several hours before using it to make sure it's good. . .  A big giant huge thanks to our awesome neighbor C for helping John work on our water well!  We will hopefully have clean water again tomorrow.

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