Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Several months back I was challenged to make a red velvet cheesecake with no further instruction than that. . . Here's what I came up with.  P.S. if you are on a diet please skip this post. . . P.S.S. I hardly ever use a real recipe so please bear with me as I try getting this down.

First you start out with 2 red velvet cakes.  I made them square because I have 4 of the same size pans.  This time I used a homemade recipe but will not do it again because it was expensive and about the same taste wise as a *box* cake mix.  But I'll include the recipe just in case someone wants to try it.

Red Velvet Cake
(This is the recipe exactly how I got it from one of my sales guys mom)
1/2 cup shortening (I use butter flavored Crisco)
1 -1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 oz. red food coloring
2 tablespoons cocoa
2-1/4 cup plain flour (I use a good a good cake flour)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup buttermilk   
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 tsp. butter flavoring (if desired)

Cream shortening, sugar and eggs.Beat until well mixed.
Add coloring and cocoa
Add salt, flour and buttermilk alternating flour & milk, beat after each.
Add vanilla
Alternately add soda and vinegar but  do not beat just blend well after the soda & vinegar.
Bake for 30 min. at 350 degrees
(This is the note she included with it. . .)

I separated this equally into 2 square cake pans by using a kitchen scale and then baked it until done.  I also lined the pans with parchment paper so they would release easier.  I froze them in the pans after they were done so they were easier to handle and cut the tops off to level them after they were frozen (if they needed it)

For the cheesecake here's what I do. . . 
4 packages softened cream cheese
Sugar, um maybe about 2 cups.  I just dump until I like it and taste as I do.
about a teaspoon of vanilla
pinch salt
4 tablespoons sour cream
4 tablespoons all purpose flour
4 eggs
Beat the cream cheese until fluffy, add the sugar, vanilla, salt, sour cream, and all purpose flour and beat untill all incorporated.  Then add the eggs one at a time and beat just until they are incorporated, do not over beat at this point. 
I always line my pans with parchment paper so that the cheesecake is easy to come out.  I do not use a crust with this cake. 
Bake the cheesecakes in a hot water bath at 300 for about an hour or until they are no longer jiggly in the middle. 
After the cake is completely cooled freeze them in the pan for a few hours so they are easier to handle.

Here are a few "helpful" hints in baking a cheesecake that I've been taught and learned by trial and error along the way. . .
Always line the bottom of the pan (at least) with parchment paper, it makes the cake release so much better!  I hardly ever use a *real* cheesecake pan, I've made them all shapes and just using the parchment paper helps make them easier to handle!
Don't over beat the eggs
Bake in hot water bath!!!  I think this helps keep them from cracking. . .
Don't bake too hot or to long, it will also cause cracking.  If you are worried about it cooking to long just turn the oven off when you think it's close to being done and leave the door shut, the heat left will help cook them the last bit.  Actually, I do that most of the time. . . 
Always let them cool completely at room temperature before refrigerating.

Cream Cheese Icing
1 pk. 8oz cream cheese
1 stick butter
1-2 bags powder sugar. . . 
Blend together cream cheese and butter. Add powder sugar and beat until you get the consistency to spread well. I never measure my sugar just add and beat until it gets like I want it.  It normally takes about one bag but I like to always have extra on hand. . . And as always please please please use real butter in this recipe and every other one you make, it's not worth cooking if you're going to use fake stuff!

OK, now you have all the key ingridents now you just have to layer. . . First start with a layer of red velvet cake, top that with a layer of cheesecake, top that with the last layer of red velvet, and top that with the last layer of cheesecake. . . 

Now dump on the icing!  Spread it all over to cover ever little spot.  I will normally swirl mine a little because I'm not good at "smooth". 

Refrigerate this concoction for a few hours and then EAT.  But if you let it refrigerate 8 or so hours it gets better!  I actually think it's best the 3rd day, it gives very thing a chance to meld together.


  1. looks so nice...And thanks for the detail recipe.Cant wait until I try....

  2. Now that looks positively sinful- YUM. I will definitely be trying this one!