Saturday, July 2, 2011

Well, I was going to make this for the celebration that I'm going to tonight for my Uncle and his new wife. . .
But instead we got a phone call about a calf out on our place 45 miles away.  :(  UGH, should be a quick trip down, put him back in, fix fence where it is messed up and head home.  30 minutes worth of work.  Well, that didn't happen!!!  Instead the steer was bull headed and didn't want to go back into our pasture and we probably spent half an hour trying to lure him in.  Finally the heifers figured out we were there and came over and we got them to "leading" him and he finally crossed the fence where J had cut a hole for him.  I sat on the tail gate of the pickup and fed cubes to calves while J fixed fence back.
They are a little spoiled!  I had a ton of slobber on me from them licking my jeans and arms trying to get more!
We figured out where the little guy *probably* got out and ended up having to call the kid who fixed the rest of the fence to come help.  J didn't take a t-post driver and he didn't have that much wire.  So Brady came to the rescue!  While that was happening J decided he needed to cut a couple trees the beavers had been eating on so they didn't fall on the fence when the wind starts blowing out of the north again.  All was good until the post he had the tree tied off to fell the wrong way, onto the just fixed section of the fence.  :(  UGH.
So, after cutting the tree off the fence and throwing limbs back on our place and getting it all cleaned up he proceeded to cut the other tree.  This time we tied it off to the front of the Toyota.  Toyota pickups are great, you can *not* kill one, they may break for a bit but you can always get it back up and going!
So, I climbed in while J sawed and pulled the tension off the fence side.  Well unfortunately I pulled it right on top of me!  UGH!
Yeah, I was sittin in the drivers seat!
 Poor J assessing the situation!
 It was suppose to go right not left!
 Yes he's a goof ball sometimes but I love him anyway!
 Just for kicks.  J rocking the fashion boat!
Well the dumb pics are making me mad so they are a little out of order.  The top one is what was on top of the pickup and the next one is the old faithful Toyota with some tree on it!
 Lets throw another problem at J & M this morning!  When I pulled out from under the trees I broke the valve stem and we had to go to town get a jack & four way and take it off and B ran the tire back to town and got a valve stem put in for us.  Thankfully town is only about 4 miles away and thankfully my uncle owns a pawn shop with jacks and stuff like that I could borrow!

There is the only damage the pickup suffered, I think if I wiped the dirt off you'd never know!  I love my Toyota!  One of these days look up Top Gear's take on the Toyota.  The do all kinds of crazy stuff to it, from running it into a tree, dropping a camper or something of the likes on top of it, and blowing up a building with the Yoter on top.  A few tools and it was back up and running every time, it was awesome!
So, after that whole ordeal we finally got to come home and I HAD to get pickles canned, put up 9 quarts.  By then there was no time to make anything for the celebration.  I did something I've never done before, I took paper plates for dessert to be served on.  That's it, nothing else.  WOW crazy!

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