Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HomeMade Chocolate Gravy

Well, I posted a pic of one of my favorite meals the other day with out the recipe and got called on it so here it is. . . Kinda of ;-)  I was taught by hand with no measurements so I'll see what I can do. . .
 Start with homemade biscuits, my recipe is a self rising flour, an egg, a little crisco, and some milk.  Again no real recipe, it's done by feel.  :(  sorry, I know not a lot of help.  Maybe one of these days I'll measure as I go.
 And the magic begins!  Chocolate gravy!  Start with some sugar, maybe 2 cups, add cocoa, maybe 1/4 cup, you want it to resemble sand, the darker the "sand" the more chocolaty it is. . . Then add a few tablespoons of flour (that will thicken it)
Here's what my "sand" looked like before adding the final ingredient, milk. . .
I have no idea how much milk, maybe 2 cups or so, you can always add more if it's to thick.  Cook it over medium heat stirring often until it thickens up, probably 10-15 minutes or so. . .
 Don't forget the ham steak!  This is a must.  lol.  Actually it is a must for me, my granny always fixed it like this so I can't eat this meal with out the ham!
Whala, this is what you get.  I always cut my biscuits in half and top with a ton of butter then pour on the gravy! 
 OH, Pepsi is a must with this meal for me also!  Grandma Carolyn always served Pepsi for breakfast!
Here's my mom cooking for me the other day, chocolate gravy on the back burner, white gravy on the front, along with hamsteak.  Some may want eggs with this meal or hash browns but not me.  Just give me biscuits, gravy, butter, and ham and I'm in heaven!
P.S. Mom makes this for us *every* Christmas morning and I always look forward to it!  But my Grandma Carolyn use to make it for me about every other time I stayed the night with her, which was often!  (at least once a week).  She passed away when I was 16 and I sure do miss her!  Waffles was the thing she rotated in with the gravy.  One of these days I'll make them and share.  I actually have a real recipe for them. 

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