Saturday, July 16, 2011


(Well, a week overdue but here it finally is)

I helped again with VBS at our church this year. . . In the kitchen of course.  Here's kinda how it went. 

Thrusday was a fairly easy day. . . We started snacks at 8:30 am but I didn't get there till 10 am because of a misunderstanding in time. . . But anyway, the first snack was pretty easy. . . Horse feed is what it was, basically some candy corn, chex mix type stuff that looked like something a horse would eat.  Lunch was again pretty easy, just turkey and ham sandwiches, chips, salad, and not homemade cookies. . .
(Don't you love the cute bandana decor, I used these at my sisters wedding that was a western theme)

After lunch we had about a 5 hour break. . . Ended up resting for about an hour then starting supper, which was wagon wheel pasta with meat spaghetti sauce, salad, green beans, ranch bread (yummy), and again not homemade cookies. . . Oh we also made some rice krispie treats for them to much on during the evening oh and "bed rolls".
 Over cooked the wagon wheel pasta a little so it was more like broken wheel pasta, but the kids ate it up anyway. . .
 Green beans are always a hit!  The bread was french bread cut in pieces slathered in butter then sprinkled with ranch dressing powder mix.  It turned out VERY good!  Baked it until it was crispy and ate it up!
This was the first time my helper (who is several years older than me) had ever made rice krispie treats.  I know you're thinking, WHAT????????  So, I had to show her how to get her hands dirty!  :D

Sorry, forgot to take a pic of the bed rolls but this is what they were. . . Thin to medium sliced ham with softened cream cheese spread on each slice and a piece of a pickle spear rolled up in it, or some had pretzels rolled up for those who didn't care for pickles.  They were the just before bed time snack, hence the "bedroll" name for them. 

Friday was a full 3 meals and 3 snacks!!!  For breakfast we fixed sausage patties (that they had gotten that were pre-cooked and pre-frozen, not the best in the world but I guess they were thinking easy not good), we baked them in the oven for about 20 minutes which was super easy.  We also had frozen biscuits, package gravy, scrambled eggs, some with cheese and some without.  Of course the with cheese went over 100 times better than the without!  And pancakes (bisquick, yuck), some plain, some chocolate chip, and some blue berry.  The kids LOVED the variety and we did not have much of anything left!  Sorry, I was to busy to take pics.  For rotation snack (that's where the age groups break up and rotate through the different classes) we made belt buckles. . .
They were sugar cookies (that again were not homemade, boo) that we had baked and the squirted some canned icing on and the kids decorated them with sprinkles and M&Ms.  Huge hit, not many kids don't love cookies!  And the had a blast decorating them!  Some made their initials, some DUMPED on the sprinkles, some wanted only m&ms. . . It was a fun project for them and we had to kill 25 minutes so it was nice for them to have a hands on snack.
 hahaha, here's my get up for snack/story time!  Chaps were a bit long or maybe my legs were a bit short? 
 A partner in crime.  Lisa is the best story teller ever and the kids love her!  She always gets into the action!
 Yep, I had a horse!  I even had a horse race with Laso Lisa during the program on Saturday afternoon.  I need to see if she got it on video or has any pics.  (I forgot my camera)

Anyway, back to food. . .

For lunch we made chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, corn, tator tots, and salad.  EVERYTHING was a hit, but we made to much mac n cheese!  Who's idea was that?  Um, I'm not telling!
 Chicken nuggets in the oven. . . Easy but next time if it's my choice I'd get better quality ones. . .
 Serving lunch
 Well, the plate is kinda yellow, we didn't do a very good job of making a pretty colorful plate, but it tasted decent!
After lunch the kids went to a water park so I went to town and picked up a few groceries (our church is in the middle of no where).  We needed eggs and milk to make homemade ice cream!  I also needed coffee creamer. 
 Well, Tay was taking pics while we were shopping, in the very corner you can see hazelnut, that's my favorite!!!

 Hum, who's neck was Fancy Nancy wanting to wring?  lol
This is the snack we fixed for the kids when they got back from the water park. . . Crumbled oreos, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and mint chocolate marshmallows. 
Oh and while the kids were gone I made cherry, peach, and apple cobbler, and vanilla and chocolate ice cream or the after supper snack.
Friday night we just grilled hot dogs and had chips and left over mac n cheese and tater tots.  Easy and good.  After the kids rested and played some games we had the cobbler and ice cream.  YUM! 

Sorry no pics from Saturday, I forgot my camera.  :((
Saturday because it was also food day (where the church gives food to the needy) we had to do an easy breakfast, we had cereal, granola bars, and fruit.  Easy but everyone seemed to like it ok. 
For our rotation snack we made camp fires, which were big crackers with can spray cheese and chow main noodles (for the fire) and broken pretzels (for the logs).  Turned out pretty good!
For lunch we had soft tacos and nachos!  Just flour shells, taco meat and the fixins. . . And canned nacho cheese and chips.  That was the only time we ran out of something and it was meat. . . The kids ALL loved the "Mexican" food idea! 
And that's it, 3 full days of food but they had gotten so much canned and store bought stuff that it really wasn't that much work.  I'll have to make a few suggestions if I help again next year because I'd rather the food be amazing rather than just decent. . .

I did enjoy the days there and the time I got to spend with old and new friends!  And I think the ladies in charge of the whole shabang did a great job!

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