Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Long time & Storm . . .

Wow, it's been a *long* time since I've put anything on here.  I actually have 2 other posts started, I've just not had time to finish them. . . But here is a quick post and pics from last nights storm. . . .Hopefully I can get the other 2 posts done sometime today and get them out here.
This is our "outdoor" bedroom.  Well, it was.  It got a bit beat up last night from the wind.  We will be building a permanent one sometime soon!  We really enjoyed it when we got to use it!
 This is one of the chicken tractors that was in the chicken coop.  It blew the top of the tractor off and the netting that kept the chickens in.  Unfortunatly before I saw what had happened 3 chickens had gotten out.  2 are dead and the other will probably not make it.  I fixed it so they couldn't get into that part of the chicken run until hubby gets home to do something to fix the top.  (P.S. Our dogs are not trained to not eat chickens :( )

 This chair was on the front porch.  Around a corner and about 50 yards from where it is now.  This is Trigger's chair.  One of the many places he likes to nap. . .
Thankfully along with the wind, thunder, and crazy lightening we got four tenths of rain.  Well, it may have been more since the wind was blowing the rain sideways but that's what was in the gauge.  Thank you Lord for the rain.  Please send more!!!

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  1. Missy, I'm so glad you got some rain, but sorry to hear about your damage. We got blown around a bit, too (and a little rain), but no harm done. My windsock on the deck was blowing sideways, but I figured it's better than blowing in a circle, or I'd have to head for the storm shelter, lol!