Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today I went to my last "scheduled" handgun "training" "class".  I say "training" "class" because it was for sure training but not in a structured setting and it was class but no other students or again structure. . . Maybe private lessons is a better term?  So, how was I?  Well better but I still need to practice A LOT!  But I can hit a steel target at 75 and 100 yards!  I also am getting better with "trigger control".  Trigger control HAS to be the most important fundamental there is!  We also worked on some "self-defense" stuff, like pulling from your holster, shooting one handed, shooting close quarters, and taking a gun away from someone.  So, all in all I think it was worth it, I think I'm better because of the "training". 
After about 3 hours there I headed toward Prague, went by work for a lunch, and to steal my uncles pickup to run to the vet and get some dope for a sick calf. . . After that my awesome father in law and I went out to our "Prague Place" to pick up some calves.  Went to pick up 5 and ended up with only 3.  First, remember it is Oklahoma and was only about 104, and we were in the sun, semi-chasing calves, well, not chasing really but trying to lure them into the makeshift pen so we could load them in the trailer.  Well 3 went with out a problem, one of them is halter broke so I knew she wouldn't be a problem, the other 2 are just spoiled, so they LOVE a good treat!  But the other 2 were not very shy!  They wouldn't even get close to where I needed them, and eventually went to hide in the shade/pond, not caring that we really needed them in the trailer!!!  So, after overheating, my F-I-L went and got us some ice cold water, and rearrange the panels, by then I was way too overheated and the 3 girls that were in the trailer were getting warm and needed water, so I decided to rework the pen, so that when we come back to get the other 2 it will funnel them down a fence and hopefully into the trailer and come back for them later.  Finally headed home, after stopping at Atwoods for some cow wormer, got the girls unloaded an crashed!  Ended up with a sun burn and head ache.  :(  UGH. 
My awesome husband did laundry and dishes and I fixed some oakie chips for supper!  Oh and I gave the sick little guy a couple shots.  Now it's time for a cool shower and a nap!!!!!! 
tomorrow I get the day off again.  I have no idea what I'm going to do but it'll be nice to be able to stay home!

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