Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not much going on around here but work, so this may be a kinda boring post. 

First, I *think* our German Shepherd *is* bred!  I surely hope so, I love puppies!!!

Second, I started Tuesday with some "advanced" firearms classes.  Wow, I thought I was decent and knew a little, UM, yeah, I was wrong!!!!!!!!  The instructor fixed a lot of issues I'm having and wants me to shoot a lot between then and the next "class".  Well, that's Tuesday and I'm only at 100 rounds.  I need to be at 1K rounds.  He said next time we'll work on shooting with *both* eyes open.  I have always closed my weak eye and I guess that's not really good.

Third, well, I guess there is no third that I can think of.  J is finishing up now with the last load of hay, we worked at the fair booth this morning, I've got a birthday party this evening, and we get tomorrow off!  Looking forward to that!.

Oh, J and I have been "running/walking" in the mornings.  I've had to lay off zumba because of scheduling of work and classes so I had to start doing something else.  It is not near as fun as zumba but at least it's something.  Hopefully things will level out and I'll get to start zumbaing again. 
Here is a yummy recipe I found.  Well, I assume yummy, I haven't tried it but it sounds really good!  I'll have to make it soon!  Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

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