Sunday, August 14, 2011


 First time I've shot this tricked out AR in MONTHS!  Wasn't to bad but wasn't good. . . Need to work on my group!
 J shooting his AR
 75-100 yards. . .
 I had half a box of 38s so I thought I'd see if I could hit the target at 75-100 yards.  Um, I didn't!  So, I only shot once cylinder through it and moved closer to finish the box off. . .
 A little closer, like 15 yards. . . .At least I could hit the target.
 The group with my AR.  Not very good but at least they were all in the black, unlike the guy who was shooting with me. 
And the sorry group with the 38 from 15 yards. . .

This week I get 2 day off, one morning will be spent with a Master Firearms Instructor, hopefully he can fix all my weird mistakes!

Happy Shooting!

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