Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blog On Fire Award

 I received this award from A Little Lunch.  Here is her comment about my blog. . . "Missy is a hard-working Oklahoma gal who knows how to shoot straight — with a 357 and her writing.  (Just don’t paste this award too close to your hay bales, Missy!)"
WOW!  How so very super nice! And I love the hay bale comment!  I was really surprised when I seen this, I was just reading her blog like I always do and seen my name.  I thought WOW, that's different what's going on!  I didn't even figure anyone ever looked at my blog except hubby and my mom.  hehehehe  So, per her google find here is my seven random things about me I have to share.
1 - I like eating watermelon straight out of the watermelon, cut it in half and dig in!
2 - I think baby calves are the cutest things in the world!
3 - Purple is my favorite color!
4 - I'm going to be taking some advance firearms training courses
5 - I really hate snakes, terrified of them!  They *all* must die!
6 - My toe nails are painted bright hunter orange!
7 - I have a beagle named Trigger
And I am passing the torch on to 10 other bloggers. . . (Random Order)

A Zesty Bite
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* The prerequisite to accepting this award is to pass it along to ten bloggers who ignite your world with their thoughts.  Flame on!
P.S.  I Googled to see if there was any ”fine print” attached to this honor.  Two out of three bloggers insisted on sharing seven random things…

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  1. Yay, Missy! :) Glad to have passed the torch along (so to speak) and I enjoyed learning more about you. Will have to try your method of eating watermelon -- LOVE that "dig in" idea! Congratulations on this award -- keep writin' girl!

    P.S. Your dog is too cute for words!!!