Sunday, August 28, 2011

 We "worked cows" yesterday morning.  We vaccinated and tagged and wormed. . .
 These are a few of our "babies", we have 5 lil boys.  They did not appreciate getting shots and ear tags!
 This is our SPOILED Jersey, her name is All-Star (or Star to us).  She was a show calf before we got her.  I wasn't quick enough with the camera but right before this pic she was over halfway in the shop waiting on J to give her treats!
 After working cows we (as in J) had to fix the chicken coop.  We had a board fall in and the chickens were able to get out, and chickens in the yard means tasty food for the dogs.  :(  We lost 2 :(
 Unfortunately J's 6'2" wasn't the best for the 4' coop but he got it done!
 After working cows we rotated pastures with the beef and dairy cows.  We let the 2 dairy cows out in the yard to do a little mowing for us.
 This is Lucy.  She will be bred soon and we'll have little Lucys!
 Lucy got to mow the garden. 
 My poor only lonely pear!  Hope it ripens before the birds get it and I can eat it!
 Lucy weeding the garden!
 Star doing a bit of weeding!
 No idea where these came from but there were morning glories growing in my watermelons and tomatoes!

 Lucy got thirsty!
 This is J's aquapontics project.  The barrels had syrup in them and Star kinda liked it!
 Isn't she pretty!
 Now Star is thristy didn't mind me filling the bucket while she was drinking.  She was having a good time getting wet!  She even let Julie (the dog) drink with her.
 After all the morning work we had a few people out to shoot clays and pistols and rifles. . . I didn't get very many pics but here is a cool one.  You can see the shell flying!

Here they set some clays up to shoot with pistols and rifles.  We had a good time!

After all of that and yet another shower (I only took 3 yesterday) we rested and then went to a Red Hawks game. 
Crazy but fun day with my wonderful husband!

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  1. I love Lucy! :) I also enjoy following you around via your photos and writing -- makes me miss the farm where I grew up. (We had Holsteins.) Happy memories! Thanks for this post and for thinking your husband is wonderful, too. We're truly blessed, aren't we?!