Sunday, September 4, 2011


It has been a crazy week!  We have had a ton of things going and not many are food or gun related. . . But I'll share the "other goodies" anyway.  I think I'm going to do it in a few different post so there isn't one post that is 10 pages long!
Tuesday I went to the Oklahoma Capital with a couple ladies to promote our Heels Packin Heat calendar
This is in Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb's office.  The lady at the front desk there was super nice!
OH, yeah, this is my wallet. . .
I got it as a gift and LOVE IT!  It is so me, I think!  The highway patrol and security guard at the capital liked it too.  They sent my purse through the xray thingy and had to look twice to see that it was a wallet and not a real "gun".  I ended up showing it to them and they were satisfied and just told me not to shoot anyone with it while I was there.  Super nice guys and we all had a laugh.  I never even thought about it making them look twice!
After visiting the capital we went to lunch at Olive Garden.  We had soup and salad bread.  Not the best in the world but not the worst.  But this was good!!!
I wish I knew what it was, It was light in the middle but dark chocolate on top, very creamy and very tasty!  I'm sure if I can find a recipe I'll try to duplicate it!  Oh and the funny story from the Olive Garden was the lady taking us to our table and asking if we're dancers.  UM, I have NO idea where she got that idea but it sure was funny!  (see picture above and know why we think it was funny, we are not even close to "dancer" quality).  
We also went to the State Superintendent office to leave her a calendar.  We think she is doing a great job and she still needs all the support and prayers she can get!  Then we went by the Oklahoma GOP office and sold a few calendars and left some for them to sell!  When we finished we headed to Sams Wholesale for food for our Lincoln County Fair booth, then it was home.  Had a great day with Gail and Judy!

Skip a few days and go to Thursday/Friday. . . Lincoln County Fair.  We (the Lincoln County Republicans) always have a food booth.  This year I worked 2 shifts Thursday and it was very slow.  It is HOT here in Oklahoma and people weren't out much. . . And Thursdays are normally a little slow anyway. . . Worked the Heels Packin Heat booth Friday. . .

The fair was a little different this year, in that because of the heat they did not have all the animals there at one time, only the animals they were showing at that time.  Which was great for the animals but not great for attendance of the fair.  And the reason I know it was great for the animals is that we had a young girl showing one of our Jersey heifers on Friday. . . This is her. . .
Poor Charolett. . . She had given Surprise a bath and Surprise finally decided to lay down and rest and then pooed. . . Her and her dad were trying to hurry and get rid of it before she got it all over her since they'd already given her a bath. 
This is my niece loving on Surprise!

 Anyway, back to Charlotte and Surprise. . . Here she is bringing her into the ring for the very first time EVER!
 Here is the Judge Trish asking Charlotte questions. . . Things like who's her momma and daddy and when was she born. 
 Trish looking Surprise over good. . .
 Please note blue ribbon in her back pocket!  She won 1st in her age class!

 Now she has a pink ribbon in her back pocket, that's reserve grand champion!
 2 beautiful girls!  Charlotte did a great job with Surprise!  I have been really impressed with this girl, if every teenager was like Charlotte we'd have a great looking future for our country! 
 Now she's showing for the Showmanship Award. . . Again, they get asked more questions and are asked to move their animal around the ring. . . She won 2nd place in showmanship.  (She has never shown cattle before only sheeps or goats I think). 
A little story about the judge.  Trish is an awesome and fair judge!  She always shares with the kids what she thinks pros/cons about their animals, she always compliments them on a great job and praises them for the amount of work they do!  Trish is a great lady, her and her husband own a dairy down the road from us and we got our first cow from them.  That first cow just happens to be the momma of the calf that Charlotte was showing.  After the show I found Trish and told her I guess next year I'm going to have to pay her more so we'd win champion!  She laughed and hugged me.  Great lady, Great lady!

NOW that is the show part of the fair.  After getting to watch my baby in the ring I got to go work the Heels Packin Heat booth inside the exhibit area of the fair.  Friday night we had a "to do".  We had as many ladies as could come and did autographs and pictures!  It was a good time!
 This is the table we set up.  (2 tables down from the democrats)  We had someone one setting at the table the whole time the building was open (the dems didn't).  We had several people stop and talk and visit and buy calendars (the dems had not many people) (not that I'm rubbing it in or anything but, well maybe I am)
 Daina is wanting to make sure we know she's pregnant and not fat.  lol 
 We didn't all wear our red heels but we were having to stand a lot and heels are not comfy!
 Our beautiful faces!  Really enjoyed getting to know all these girls as we made the calendar!
 Look people visiting our table!

Oh yeah, seen this bumper sticker when we were shopping the other day in OKC.
It made me laugh!


  1. Missy, I'm proud to know ya! :) I enjoyed your write-up about the fair and your trip to the capital. Nice to know there are people who stand up for what they believe in. You go, girl!

  2. Just hope you didn't carry at the capital or you might make the news again!!! LOL LOL