Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Time!

Saturday night we had our monthly get together at my mom's house. . .
 Caleb got the *man job* of grilling dogs and burgers.
 Doesn't he have pretty eyes!
 And as requested he BURNT my hot dog!  I LOVE my dogs a bit on the crispy side!
" Men" watching the game before supper. . . BOOMER SOONER BABY!
 My beautiful cousin August.  She has beautiful eyes and lovely hair.  Now, we just need a gorgeous, sweet, loving fellow for her!  Oh, and rich would probably be a plus!  Well, Christian is a given and that's just my list of what she needs, she may have more criteria than that.  lol
 Aunt Jen had a birthday last month so we're having cake for her. Brooklyn wanted to make sure she got to blow out her candle!  We could only have one candle because she's so old and there is a burn ban.  bahahaha  Love ya Aunt Jen!

 Brooklyn decided to go for a horsey ride!!!

 WooooHoooo hold on cow girl

 Then we played skipbo. . . Brooklyn and Mom won!
 Aw my pretty sister
 Tori aka TooToo (by her niece and lil cousin).  Don't mess with my tootoot
Pretty sure she LOST the card game!!!!  Hahahaha, I always win, well, except when mom and Brooklyn does.
This was the first family dinner without Cousin Pilar and Kyra and Kyson.  We missed them so much!  (They have moved to WA with Pilars hubby where he is stationed in the army).  We're proud of y'all but really miss y'all!  Looking forward to Christmas and candy making!  Love you!

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  1. This post made me miss my family... but thank you for sharing yours with me.
    P.S. We like our hotdogs cooked the same way! :)