Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another Family Night

Had a great time again at family night hosted by Amber & Eddie for the first time!  We played croquet (I won the first game and came in 2nd the 2nd game!), threw horseshoes, and ate!  Tons of laughs and love!  Enjoyed hanging out with a few of the younger (19-20ish) cousins and horsing around with them!  My favorite comment and laugh was from my cousin Tori.  She said "if we had stick horses we could play polo".  Still makes me laugh thinking about it! 
Haven't had much time for cooking or shooting the last few weeks!  Work is crazy!  Bow season starts on Oct. 1 and we've been hooked up!
I have been cooking at church on Wednesday nights, this last Wednesday was my 3rd week and we're averaging around 100 kids and youth!  I'm still on the lookout for recipes that are inexpensive but tasty that will feed that many!  I'm working on a budget of $100 a week (They said I could go over if need be but please be careful and not go over much too often).  We've had spaghetti, tacos, and pizza sticks.  I'm thinking some kind of casserole next week but haven't decided for sure yet.  I'd like to do a chicken pot pie style casserole but am afraid it will be cost prohibitive.  We'll see, we'll see. 

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