Thursday, September 8, 2011


Deer season is approaching and that means our business is *BUSY*!!!  I was going through pics from our annual and thought I'd share a few. . . There is some crazy stuff that goes on when it's busy!
 I get kinda bossy around "sale time" and "busy time" so my sister (who works for me) thinks she's my slave!
 What, the owner of the place actually doing something?  (he's my uncle)
 We have a lot of extra help!!!!  And we are greatful!
 Haskell slacking again, nothing new!
 Curtis, do you really know what your doing?
 And did you eat my chocolate?  (He still owes me Dove Dark Chocolate, he found my stash in the freezer!)
 Aww poor BS got his pic taken and didn't know it.
 Floyd is one of the very first customers we had 43 years ago!
 Shorty.  Just Shorty!  Love having her around!
 The whole gang that helped out on Friday during the sale.  We were wearing our Red Shirts in honor and support of our awesome troops!  We appreciate all those and gals who are fighting for our freedom!  You guys rock!
So, we are going 150 mph and staying sorta alive.  This time is always great because we always see the ones who don't come in often!

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  1. Oooh, swiping Dove Dark Chocolate from your freezer stash ... that's serious. Good thing you're a forgiving person! Looks like a crazy busy fun time and great co-workers!