Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Bovines

 This is our new heifer Buttercup!  She's leary of us still but I think she'll settle down very nicely!  She was bred in June so we *should* have a calf out of her in March/April.  Looking forward to that!
 She has a beautiful face!  I love it!
 I think she's going to be a sweet baby, she already knows what feed is so that's always a big help in halter breaking them!
 We also got McLain back.  He is a loaner bull that we will only keep for a few months to service our cows.  He is a calm giant!  Look how thick his neck is!  This is the same bull we used last year and we are so thankful that he's a gentle bull, I'm always a little leary of bulls!
He was head butting one of the cows for food. . . He did not win!  Those girls already have him whipped!

We're still in need of rain but we are amazingly blessed no matter what!  Anyway, that's news of the farm for now. 

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