Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vacation coming soon!

WOOHOO!  We have scheduled a much needed few days away! (not until Oct.)  We are going HERE!  We're hoping to ride the motorcycle but would be glad to take a car if it rains!  We'll be there for 3 days and I expect most of it will be spent on the deck looking at the water and reading a book!
If anyone knows of anything around that area that is a *must* see/do please let me know!

In other news I made 3 giant sugar cookies today for tomorrows church dessert.  For supper tomorrow night we're going to have breakfast!  Pancakes (blue berry & chocolate chip), scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit, and sugar cookie!  I think the kids will really enjoy it!  I know I'm looking forward to it!

Got the house mostly cleaned up today, my only day home this week.  I still need to do some major cleaning/organizing in the pantry and spare bedroom but that will have to wait until I have more time.  I have a ladies only handgun class on Saturday and a conceal carry class on Sunday!  Looking forward to the ladies class more than the other, I always love helping a lady find a new hobby!

Speaking of hobby.  I'm going broke feeding my new S&W M&P 9mm!  J is going to have to get on the ball and reload me some good ammunition, I can't keep buying the stuff!  I bet I've put over 1000 rounds through it since I got it in August!  I'm about to get my low/left issues worked out.  I shot about 45 rounds this morning and stepped back to 10 yards instead of 7 and my group got bigger :(  Need to work on that too!  Holding a handgun steady is not an easy thing to do!

Well, over and out from here.  I need to shower and take a nap, gonna be a busy day tomorrow!

Oh here just for fun. . .J got me a new shirt last week!  It SO describes me!
 Yes, it's an "ar-15" made out of kitchen tools!  A few knives, a salt shaker, cheese grater, cheese slicer, pepper mill, rolling pin, fork, funnel, cherry pitter, and lighter!  I LOVE it, it describes me so perfectly!  I have an awesome husband!
And also something funny about this shirt. . . The tag.  It says "made in the USA of 100% cotton.  machine wash cold, tumble dry low.  (the funny part) *not for use as pants.*  Really?  What would make them think you'd use this shirt as pants and why would they put that on the tag?  It makes me laugh!

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