Saturday, August 20, 2011

 This is the Lincoln County Republican Fair Booth. . . We sell concession type stuff during the county fair.  It needs work!
 So, we cleaned, installed the hot water heater, cleaned some more. . .
 Fixed some messed up boards. . .
 Cussed and discussed how to do it. . .
 And I climbed on the roof and painted.  And stuck my head in the paint (actually primer at the time) and got it in my hair.  Yeah, it's still there, it is also still on my arm and leg, and I have taken TWO showers since then!  It was some good stuff!  We will have to replace all of what I painted next year, but at least this year it looks a little better!
 I also went to a surprise birthday party for a good friend tonight.  Her husband did a great job planning and pulling it off! 
 She had some family members who weren't very nice about her "aging". . .
 I'm pretty sure this is HOMEMADE Moore Sausage!!!!  I traded for it and it smells WONDERFUL!  I will have to put it to good use soon!  They also brought me some that they have made in a "factory" but it will not be near as good as this!  I'm VERY excited about it!
 Me & my new "bling.
 Isn't it awesome!  I've been looking for a few months for "gun" related jewelry and found this today in a small town that I never would have guessed would have had anything like it!  I want to wear it every day now!

These are some "survival" bracelets a kid in town is making.  They are awesome and only $5.  I just seen a link for a place that sells them for $24.95, I think I got a great deal on these!  The kid is probably 12 or so and is making them and selling them so he can save the money to buy a S&W M&P 22.  That's awesome all in itself!

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