Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vacation Pics Part 2

Well, this is a long time in coming but here it finally is. . .

 Smiling face at, oh, way before I should have been up during vacation!  This is day 3.  The wind died down overnight and it's a beautiful day!  We had a "country" breakfast.  Biscuits, gravy, eggs, and sausage.  We did a lot more nothing on this day! 
 Walked to the "beach" and seen some geese. . .
 I thought the sand looked cool but I'm kinda odd sometimes so maybe it's really not that cool. . .
 John walked in the water. ;-)
 We took our picture. . .
 Hi Mom
 Looked at the water, did I say yet that it was a beautiful day?

We sat on the deck and did nothing for several hours.  Well, we read some and snoozed some. . .
Then we took a drive around the lake. . .

Down steep hilly curves. . .

And amazingly enough, we only had to turn around once!

On the Dam bridge. . .
He looks fast! 
The motorcycle on the Dam viewing place.
What's that face for?
Aw, a smile, that's better ;-)
Aw look how cute he is!

The Dam.  The North and South Canadian flow into Eufaula and out the Dam into the Canadian River, well at least I think that's right.
Canadian River.
Well, DUH, how would you get in that area?  Anyone with common sense would know that.

Porum Landing, oh what memories!  This is where my family stayed a lot on family vacations.  I remember Aunt Diane and I skying behind a old green flat bottom boat.  I remember fishing under the bridge at night.  I remember a trip with some church family.  I remember, well, I can't think of anything else but I always remember it being a great vacation spot for a youngster!

This is the first "big" road we ever road on!  And there was a ton of road construction but other than that, nothing to it!
Salad with raspberry poppy seed dressing!  YUMMO!
View from our table.
Fried shrimp was awesome!
John had a steak
And he had a baked potato
And I had spaghetti, not as good as some place but not horrible.
Sun setting back at our b&B
John relaxing and acting all cool again.


  1. Missy, this was an absolutely awesome "photo conclusion" to your vacation! Loved how you faded out the sunset :) and also all the fun things you did in between. (We enjoy going down to the dam, too!) You & John were meant to be -- soooo glad you enjoyed your stay! Take care and stay in touch!
    ~ Kim & Russ

  2. P.S. Forget to mention that I liked your sand shot... it IS cool! Also the "shadow photos" of you two... what a great imagination and idea!

  3. Wow - what a great vacation! I'm a new follower - and I look forward to reading your posts!

    Fantastic pictures and the food....sigh! (I'm a foodie).

  4. I loved the sand too! Looks like a fun trip:)

  5. Great pics, Missy! I especially love the shadows in the water/sand, and the shadow of you guys zooming by on your motorcycle. Looks like such a great, relaxing time!

  6. Hi, Missy! Another Okie redhead! Kimby sent me and I can't wait to read your blog updates. Your pictures want me want to take a vacation...