Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vacation Pics ;-) Part 1

This is a vacation post, it will have a ton of pics and not much writing.  Hope it is enjoyable anyway!
We left on a Tuesday afternoon, it was a bit cool and a BIT windy!  We rode a motorcycle. . .
These are my bags, this is all the room I was allowed for 4 days worth!!!  It makes you take a look at what you *really* need and what might just be fun to have.  Like more than one pair of shoes.  Um, no I only took the pair on my feet.  Oh well and a pair of flip flops for around the room after shower and such.
After a little over a 2 hour ride we were getting sore, thankfully we made it to Eufaula!  We found a little Mexican place and had some supper and then went and checked in our B&B.
This is the view from our deck at THIS awesome place!  Lake Eufaula Bed and Breakfast. . .
This is the view on the beach.  See how big the waves are, this is a lake, there is only big waves when the wind blows and it was BLOWING!

Pondering ;-)
The owner said this tree fell over the winter so her and her husband made these cute benches!  I was impressed!
The view of the back of the house.

Our room.
The awesome jetted tub!  It also has a great view of the water!
 Loved it, well, after I figured out how to get hot water!  It was so relaxing!

Day 2 we didn't do much at all!  Had a yummy breakfast, pumpkin pancakes and eggs, then crashed for a little longer after breakfast, went for a short ride and a trip to Braums in the afternoon and then to supper at a friends house.
 Took a walk along the beach the 2nd day, found a few shells. . .
 Seen some clear water. . .
 Found more shells. . .
Watched a lovely sun set at a new friends out where we had a yummy supper!  (Thanks Kim!)

Well, it's not letting me post all the pics so I guess I'll try another blog, sorry, looks like this will be a 2 or 3 part posting. . .


  1. Missy, what a great photo journal of your vacation! (Glad the sunset one turned out, too.) :) So nice to meet you & John -- I'm happy you had such a relaxing time at the lake!

  2. So COOL that you and Kim got to meet up...I've yet to meet ANY of my blogging friends in person. Fun!!