Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Honored. . .

Today I got the honor of helping put a few boxes together for our soldiers.  There was only 7 boxes but they were names submitted from people in our church, which makes them special.  Some of the soldiers even attend our church when they are home and some of them will hopefully attend when they are back in the great state of Oklahoma.  It was eye opening packing the boxes with things the church members donated, some of the items I never would have thought of and were great ideas!  Like 3 in one laundry soap.  I guess a lot of the soldiers have to wash their own uniforms and provide their own soap, the 3 in was is individually packaged and had softener in it also.  Kinda cool.  There was one lady among the soldiers so we made sure she got the smelly good stuff and and things that were more "girly".  There was Ralphs beef jerky sticks which I was told was good for when the soldiers are out in the field and only have MREs to eat, the jerky keeps and doesn't get mashed and doesn't take up a lot of room and doesn't weigh a lot.  There was little things you pour in your drinks to make them flavored, they are individual and lite weight.  We put in zip lock bags so they could keep sand out of their things.  And the list goes on.  OH, we also put in a bunch of letters/drawings the kids did last Wednesday night and a letter from Pastor Larry.  I think the soldiers will get a kick out of those!
I appreciate Jacquie getting the project together and letting me be a part of it! 
 We had toiletries and we had snack foods!!!
 We packed the boxes as full as we could!
And put letters on top!!!

Remember to pray for our guys and gals over seas and in the military stationed across the US.  These people are the reason we live in a free country!  THANKS SOLDIERS AND GOD BLESS Y'ALL AND KEEP Y'ALL SAFE!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Missy, this was such a wonderful thing to do! I'm really looking forward to meeting you this week! :)