Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holster Options I

IWB (Inside Waist Band) Carry about the one to two o'clock position.  Carrying here is, right now, my favorite way to carry.  I put the gun on every morning before I leave the house and never have to worry about being uncomfortable.  I drive 45 miles one way to work and it is never uncomfy, I do book work sitting at a desk, work the retail floor, clean, put up freight, I feel like I am constantly bending over, kneeling, moving all around, and it is never uncomfy.  I do not buy pants a size larger, I can carry this way and not feel like my jeans are too tight, (well except when I eat too much and they'd probably be too tight even without the gun).  Now, body type.  I am not skinny and I have a pretty good size chest.  Some say my boobs hold my shirts out so I don't have to worry about printing but that's not true.  I can wear shirts that are fitted and my belt buckle sticks out more than my firearm!  Dark colors and prints do help break up that you are carrying.  The only thing I've changed since I started carrying this way is I've added a belt to my every day accessories.  It helps hold my pants up!
 (Please ignore my silly faces, my photographer husband was being silly, you should see the first ones!)
(The reason I took pics with 2 outfits is so that you can see that you do not have to wear a cover garment.  I hardly ever do, the only reason I added the tucked in shirt and jacket is because it was the only thing I had to wear to church that my cool necklace would go with!  I am not a shirt tucker in er so I don't have to worry about covering. . .)

This is my everyday carry.  S&W Bodyguard 38 revolver in a Looper Leather Slimline holster.
Here are a few reasons I like it:
1 - I don't have to wear an undershirt
2 - After wearing it awhile it conforms to the gun you are carrying, so my laser is not a problem
3 - It's light and sweat is not a problem
4 - The clip is very strong
5 - It's made in the greatest state in the country!  OKLAHOMA!!!!
(Yeah, I stole the pic from their web site but I'm sure they're ok with that since I'm promoting it.  ;-) )

I use to wear a Tagua Gun Leather with the same firearm. . . This is a decent holster, it also conforms to the gun after a while and it worked until I found the Looper Leather.  It does not have as strong a clip, it gets a little worn out and it does require wearing an undershirt.  Oh and it is not made in the great state of OKLAHOMA or the great USofA for that matter.

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