Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday morning J and I got up early to head to Wetumka to a fish farm to pick up some tilapia for his aquapontics tank.  Got about 50 of them.  They are currently housed in our sunroom in a big tank.  When I have a chance and it is all up and running I'll take pics of it.  It's pretty cool, if it all works right we will have fresh vegies all winter long and eventually fresh fish to eat! 

After we got back we had to fix a water gap. . .

 We had some cows and calves get out the other evening so we had to get it fixed!
 J didn't have much trouble getting under it and he's over 6' tall, so that tells you how big of a gap it was and how easy the cows could get out!
 We used a cattle panel to get it covered up!  Temporary but worked for the time being!
 Such strong hands. . .

 The girls had to watch!
 This is the "real" fence between our place and the neighbors, it's about 10 foot off the ground and doing no good.  One of these days we're going to have to get a dozer out to clean some stuff up so we can get fences where they go.
 You seen the girls above, they went out to help us.  Trigger only made hit half way before he had to lay in the sun and take a nap!
 Massive bull.  I love how he looks and how big he is! 
 Look at his ears!  They are red inside!  I though that was humorous, the bull above is his daddy so I guess it makes since he has a bit of red on him.
 Aaawwww the little puppy.  Long story I won't share all of but he's one of ten pups left from a litter.  Today he's 4 weeks old.  J just decided last night we might keep him as a stud dog and get rid of his momma.  So, now I have to name him.  I've never had trouble naming animals but I'm having a bit of trouble with this one.  I think it's because I thought we were going to sell him and have tried to keep my heart unattached.  Now, unless J changes his mind, which I don't think he will, I can get attached and name him!
 He's starting to get very playful!
 Naked ladies or spider lilies or whatever you want to call them.  I was given a bunch of bulbs or whatever they are by J's grandma a few years ago and ended up not having time to plant them properly so I scratched the ground back and threw them in a spot that isn't very noticeable. . . J and I were out shooting yesterday and I noticed they were bloomed!  Nice surprise!
 For all the activeness he has, he also has a lot of sleep time! 
Venison backstrap!  We were given a bit of meat a while back and I finally fixed it.  I forgot how yummy fried venison is!
And that's it for our Saturday off.  . . .Nice ride to church this morning and a nice relaxing day today with my wonderful husband!  Getting geared up for another busy week.

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