Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vacation Pics, Pt 3

Here is the rest of the vacation pics.  These are the 2.5 days we were home. . .

Bon fire for wiener roast!
We let the cows out for a little yard mowing and grazing!
John relaxed and read some more. . .
Roasting the wieners!

Burnt!  That's how I like it!
mmm sour kraute and a little mustard, we're set!
View during supper.
They didn't know what to make of the fire!
Wait, All-Star wants to join us for a picnic!
Silly girl!  She's a little spoiled!
SMITH!  He stayed with dad and Betty while we were gone.  They renamed him bad names.  They said he was a little rotten! ;-) 
Yep, I like my marshmallows burnt too!  This is making me hungry for a hot dog roast!

He doesn't look like a terror.  Poor baby, they probably just didn't love him as much as I do.
On the Saturday we had a couple friends over for some shooting.  Mason is getting to be a very good shot and does not want help after you show him how to use the gun the first time.  He's a smart kid!

The cowboy action 357 was a little big, notice the bow in his back, he had to do that to be able to hold the gun up!

He liked the GSG22 also but I think the Walther P22 was his favorite!
His first time to ever use a scope and he did great!
Smith gets a bath!
And seemed to like it ok, I'm sure not his favorite but he wasn't horrible!  And I was only a little wet afterwards.

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  1. Burnt marshmallows are SO good -- hot dogs, too. :) Loved the photo essay of your vacation -- so glad you got to spend time away AND at home!