Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oklahoma Crazyness!

It's been a crazy few days here in Oklahoma.  "Mother Nature" has us all shook up!

About 2:30ish Saturday morning we were awakened by the sound of the doors ratteling and bed shaking.  Not sure what was going on we jumped up and looked outside.  No trains have moved into the area, no helecoptors flying over, nothing has crashed into our house.  HUM.  J said it was an earthquake!  We then checked facebook, and it was pouring in earthquake newsfeed!  It was finally updated here and we could see that it was a 4.7 centered in Sparks, about 26 miles from us.  WOW, scary!

So, we carry on with the day.  I had the day off and we piddled around the house and didn't get a whole lot done.  I've developed a chest cold and so I rested as much as I could Saturday. . . Finally we decided to just go to bed, we didn't really care to watch anything on tv and J had worked outside all day so we crashed about 9:30 pm. . .

I was out, sleeping good and then was rudely awaken by shaken about 10:40 pm.  It was by a stronger and longer quake!  I couldn't catch my breath, all I could do was hold on to J's arm and pray it ended quick and we'd be safe!  I think my prayer was kinda like this, "Lord please make it stop, keep us safe, please make it stop, keep up safe. . . ."  Anyway, I was too scared to get out of bed but J finally decided to get up and see how big it was.  Again, FB was jumping with newsfeed of the quake and aftershocks.  (Yes, I finally got the nerve to get up and look at my computer)  I'm not really sure if I felt any aftershocks I was shaking so bad from the quake.  Turns out it was a 5.6, biggest in Oklahoma history (5.5 being the record in the 50s), and I heard it lasted 32 seconds, which seemed like 15 minutes!

OK God, we feel ya and we're ready for you to make it quit!  We're in Oklahoma, we don't care to have any crazyness like this, don't we have enough crazyness with droughts, grass fires, tornados, flooding, and 100+ temps?  Why do we have to add earthquakes to it?

Anyway, that was scary, not something I want to have to experience often, if ever again!

So, we go to church Sunday, no we didn't go just because we were scared the world was ending, we actually hardly ever miss a Sunday. . . Then I have to go to Prague (EEEEKKKK earthquake central) to take my cousins Sr. pics.
Isn't he handsome, even though he wouldn't smile. . .

On the way to Prague my car overheated :(, I had a friend tell me to blame it on the earthquake.  hahaha.  So, I had to leave it in a parking lot in Meeker and the handsome young man came and got me so I could take his pics.  My wonderful husband headed our way to get a trailer and haul my car home.  UGH, I *HATE* car trouble!  Thankfully we have 3 others I can drive and didn't have to depend on someone to haul me around.

Monday was fairly uneventful.  We had a bit of a mess to clean up at work (In Prague) from the Saturday night earthquake.  There were a few guns on the floor that had fallen off the racks, and several merchandise items that had fallen from shelves, nothing major.  The worst of it was ceiling tiles fallen. . .
Oh and crooked deer horns. . . We are very thankful, it could have been worse!  We had friends/family who had brick fallen off their houses, chimneys cave through their roofs, dishes/nicknacks broken, the liquor store had a giant mess to clean up from bottles breaking, the grocery store manager said he had stuff in *every* isle that had came off the shelves, pop bottles hit the floor and exploded, a giant mess!  So, again, we are thankful it wasn't too bad, actually, it wasn't bad at all! 

Monday evening it rained and we had tornadoes in Oklahoma, tornadoes are common but we were all scared of earthquakes and tornadoes at the same time!  What do you do?  Do you go to the cellar and risk it caving in from an earthquake?  Do you stay in the house and risk getting blown away?  UGH!!!!

Oh, I don't remember the time, I'm going to say 9ish, I was sitting on the couch listening to the rain and thunder and it happened, another one!  I think 4.6 is how big it was, it was the first one I was awake for and it wasn't near as scary as the last one!  It was short but moved the couch I was on a bit.  Yes, I was shaking after it was over too, if this happens often I'm sure I'll get use to it but right now I'm not!!!  Thankfully Monday night we didn't have any tornadoes in our area, just BLESSED rain! Although I did jump every time thunder/lightening hit close!!!

We ended up with a little over 4.2" of rain.  We have needed it so so so so bad!  Our ponds were dry and our rain water barrels were dry and we were water cows out of the swimming pool!  (yeah redneck but the well is already being pushed to the limit).  Tuesday morning I went to town to get my nails done and this is what I saw when I pulled down the drive way. . .
Yes, finally, A FULL POND!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the one on the other side was full too!  Actually they were overflowing!  PRAISE THE LORD, THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!  We are so blessed by God!!!!  

1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 

I am thankful that I have the solid ground of God to stand on even if it is quaking, I am thankful for the rain even if it's quaking, and I'm thankful for my husband even if it ruined his whole day to come get my car from the side of the road (or parking lot).  I am so blessed there is no way I could ever list everything!  So, I will give Thanks to God in all circumstances even if they aren't all good!


  1. I've been following other bloggers on twitter with the weather - it was absolutely crazy! Glad you're safe!

  2. Missy, you've had the worst of it over there! We only felt 2 out of the 4 ..5?..6? quakes (that one on Saturday night woke us up out of a sound sleep, too!) but no visible damage, just a whole lotta shakin' goin' on! Hope things are getting back to normal and yes, praise God, for our much needed rain!
    P.S. Your hydro-garden looks GREAT!