Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Little Farm Work

Being a #farmingwife, for the most part, is a joy!  We've had a couple babies this week and that is always fun!  The first was born on Christmas day and the second on the night of the 27th....  
I try to always take a pic of momma and baby when they are first born so that I have another record, then we try to get them ear tagged within a few days so that we can identify them quickly if need be.  
 This is the little girl who was born on Christmas Day.....
 Unfortunately, my photography skills are not always the best, this was the second little girl born.... Not that you can tell.
 Here she later in the day....
 This was this morning before we got them up and about to tag them, Such a lovely picture of momma and baby.

 This little girl was pretty easy to catch and tag, she is, thankfully, pretty calm!
 The wind is blowing in the Great State of Oklahoma and the cedar trees are pollinating!  Those things cause trouble for my handsome husband and his nose!

 It's 52 degrees and sunny but the north wind has a bite to it!  We're walking the pasture looking for the other little calf....
 After walking a long ways momma, who had been eating cubes, noticed that we were in the vicinity of her calf and came running.  She stopped and mooed and turned circles and looked one way then the other and mooed some more.  We stood and watched her to see if she would lead us to her baby, but she wasn't giving in.  I finally spotted the little girl buried in the grass not far away from me but opposite of where momma was looking!  Momma was trying to throw us off course!

Can you see her?
We had just about given up!  The grass sure conceals them and she's a pretty tiny girl!

 Mr. H sneaked up and grabbed her right before she took off and I got her ear tagged and we were done!
 Pretty calm baby too, she didn't head for the hills when Mr. H let go of her!
 She didn't care for the tag, kept shaking her head trying to get rid of it! On a side note, the sky is cool in the next couple pictures!

Finally she went to momma for comfort!

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