Saturday, December 3, 2016

Cowboying; A Day in the Life of Me, the Cowgirl....

Am I a cowboy(girl)?  First you have to ask what is a cowboy(girl).
Websters definition:
1) One who tends cattle or horses; especially: a usually mounted cattle-ranch hand
2) A rodeo performer
3) One having qualities (as recklessness, aggressiveness, or independence) popularly associated with cowboys as a: a reckless driver b: a business or buisnessperson operating in an uncontrolled or unregulated manner
Second, I check myself.  Hum, yes, I tend cattle, not mounted unless you count a tractor/pickup as a mount, but I tend them none the less.
So, I decided today that I am a cowboy(girl).  Why you ask..... Here's why

  First off, this morning we had to take this pretty girl to the vet.  Several weeks ago I noticed she had a knot on her nose, like she was trying to grow a unicorn horn, which would have been awesome and I would have been rich if she would have grown that horn.  Well, life happens and time flies and she was still eating and drinking good so I put off making the call to taker her to visit Doc.
Doc shaved her nose and found a tiny hole.  He stuck a pair of tweezers in said hole and it goes pretty deep.  His diagnosis was .22 bullet wound to the head. πŸ˜” He flushed it out with something and called her good to go, nothing he could do for her.  So, took her back to the lease and dumped her out.  And yes, we have an idea about the .22 shot but I will not be delving into that.....
 Now, I had dumped 75 pounds of feed out for these girls and boys about 2 hours earlier, but they thought since I was there they needed more.  Silly bovine.....
 My pretty baby girl born to #89 (who is missing her tag)  SURPRISE!!!!!!!!  I had looked at my book a couple weeks earlier and didn't expect anyone to calve until after the first of the year, alas, I was wrong.  This momma calved Jan 29, 2016 and again November 29, 2016.  Normally it is right at a year between calving but this momma bred back quick after calving!  We are sure blessed!
Another pretty little girl, her momma is #21.  She was a surprise because I didn't think I had anyone due to calve until after the first of the year.  I was wrong, I went back and looked at my book and her momma calved one year ago within 2 days of when she calved this time.... Perfect!
Oreo is the biggest snoop looking for treats!  

After visiting Doc, dumping #76 back out, visiting the bovine (I take care of the bovine during the week and Mr. H doesn't get to look at how great they are very often so we just stood and watched them a while), and checking hay, we headed home.  It was pushing noon and we had not taken time for breakfast and were getting hungry!  

Got home and noticed that my Spotsy Love was missing, he had been with the girls when we left this morning but wasn't now.  I got concerned and decided to go look for him.   
 Well, I headed to the pond first, I had some nagging suspicion he would be there, and this is what I saw :(  Spotsy burried deep in the mud.  Lord help us.... Called Mr. H and asked him to bring me a rope and my rubber boots.....
A little history; I had stupidly let him get drug down a little with worms (I'm guessing) so earlier in the week I had vaccinated and wormed him and brought him to the home from the lease so I could watch him closer and feed him extra....  He was looking better but still not 100% so he was already pretty low on energy and this deal zapped him even more.  πŸ˜Ÿ
 Waiting.  Last time I had a calf stuck in the pond I lost a rubber boot and got stuck myself.  Mr. H had to pull me out with a rope after the calf was free, crazy stuff around here.....
Mr. H brought what I needed along with the tractor and we put the halter rope on the dude and pulled him out, woo, I did not sink or lose any boots this time.  Unfortunately, he was cold and stiff and a bit dehydrated and would not get up.  πŸ˜Ÿ We managed, with the help of the tractor, to get him pulled up off the mud and into the grass.  I called my great friend and mentor Trish and told her the deal and asked her advice and then got to work getting him up and going.... Her advice was cover him with blankets to get him started warming up, IV him with really warm lactating ringers, give him a shot of B12, and get him on his feet as quickly as possible.  Then, get him into a dry, warm area.
 Got him covered head to tail, warming up.  Trish said to cover his head so his breath would help warm him.  Makes since, he's blowing warm air out, why not take advantage of it.
 Before starting the ringers we had to push him over so his right side was exposed, that's where it has to go in at..... Got him pushed over and started.....
 I had heated the IV of ringers in some really hot water so that the liquid in the bag was warm and would work on warming his insides up a little quicker....
 Using our heads.  What fun is it to stand and hold an IV bag until it's drained?  NONE!  So, hooked it to the front end loader.....
 Warming baby boy up.
 Yes, he's my baby, my Spotsy Love.
 I'm pretty sure he was not amused with the blanket.  Anyway, we got him hydrated and B12 shot and he still wouldn't get up or even try.  Mr. H decided to go get a pallet to roll him on and haul him to the house with the tractor.....
 I got a little dirty and no, I'm not scared of a little mud.....
 Thankful for rubber boots!!!!!!!!!!!
 Pep Talk..... πŸ‘Come on dude, get up, you don't want to ride the pallet to the house!!!!!
 WOO HOO!!!! Praise the Lord!  We used a tow strap and ran under him and lifted him with the front end loader, fixing to slide the pallet under him.  He decided he'd put his legs down and walk!  He walked all the way to the house on his own!  I guess the threat of a ride on the tractor did the trick!  So So thankful he walked on his own, that makes me feel much better about his recovery!
got him in the shed, covered him back up with his blanket, gave him some feed and water and a nice pile of hay and left him to shower and find some grub.  It is now 2:30 pm and we are cold and starving!  
    Kudos to my amazing husband for helping and being the muscle I needed!
      It is now 6:30 pm and I just checked Spotsy and he is standing in the hay, dried off, no longer shivering, and chewing his cud. 
      And that my friends is A Day in the Life of Me, the Cowgirl and Farming Wife.

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