Sunday, January 15, 2012

THANK YOU!!!!!! And yes, it's still fun!

It's been a great 2 weeks with the new cafe! First off I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has commented on my old post, who has wished me luck in person, and who has came in and ate at the cafe! It is encouraging to hear everyone loving the food and bringing their friends/family back for more! I also want to say a special thanks to Kimby over at a little lunch for her awesome blog about the cafe! Here is the link. I was SO surprised when she came in on opening day to see me! At least a 2 hour drive for her and the Man of Few Words! She is an awesome writer and I LOVE the pics, they are so much better than anything I could ever do! THANKS KIM!!!!!!!!
I would say that burgers are our number one seller, I made 48 at lunch one day!!!! That's a lotta burger! Breakfast is a slower time, I do have about 5 "regulars" who come in every morning and order the same thing, and we have a few stragglers throughout the morning, Saturday mornings have been the busiest, unfortunately everyone comes in at once, normally between 9 and 11 and then it puts us right into the lunch rush!!! I did have one lady change it up a little and now I'm going to put the "Vonda" Scrammble on the menu. She was wanting something with no carbs, eggs, sausage, onions, and cheese is what she got, and she loves it! I haven't had a lot of success with my "daily specials", it seems like everyone wants a burger and not a bigger meal. My most successful one was taco salad, and I think it helped having the waitress tell everyone when they came in what it was. She is a great "suggestive seller".
I do have 5 waitresses and 2 cooks right now. Waitresses are part time and the days they work vary, but they are all great girls and the community loves them all! My high school boy who cooks is doing a good job, he's catching on quicker than I thought, he still needs a lot of guidance but I think he'll get it eventually. And my other "full time" cook had been gone this week. Her husband has been in the hospital and she has been staying with him, totally understandable, but I'm glad he is out and she will be back to work Monday... Please pray he has no more complications, for his benefit and mine! The last 2 weeks I've worked about 15 hours a day and my feet and legs are yelling at me!
Well, that is a lot of randomness but maybe y'all got a little out of it. I will hopefully have a few less hours this week and will be able to update more.

Love from the cafe owner!

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  1. Missy, nothing like being a month late in replying to your heartfelt thank you above...!!! I'm SO-O-O-O glad to hear things are going well for you -- we truly enjoyed our visit in January -- and FOOD! :)

    My internet service has been unpredictable with thunderstorms, wind, etc. this winter (plus work has been crazy, yada yada) -- oh what am I saying? YOU know! Hope you get some "feet up" time soon! Take care!