Sunday, January 29, 2012

Highlights. . .

We are staying busy at the cafe! Things have been smooth and mostly enjoyable. I put out a weekly special flier this week and it has seemed to help get things moving as far as specials are concerned! Desserts also did well this week, we sold out of everything the day it was made! The Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake Brownies were the fastest sellers, I think my waitress sold them all in less than an hour! She does a great job at pushing specials and dessert!
Speaking of waitresses, I have 5, one per shift, and they are all different and all great! I really appreciate all of them and all their help! They are also all well known in the community so I think people come in based on who the waitress is! I have one high school girl who rakes in the tips, but I think it's mostly because she is kin to *everyone* in the area and she is a sweetheart and they *all* love her!
Saturday I had to deal with a couple people who did not please me and who I'd rather they never come back, well, at least one of them. The other is a regular that will get a pop on the back of the head when he comes in again! The one I'd rather never see again was a guy who was stoned! I ended up making a phone call and getting the chief of police's wife (chief was in class) and she got me a couple LEO's headed my way. The guy ended up walking out without paying and I wasn't as worried about that as I was having him on the roads and in the public, police were not quick enough getting there, but we gave them the best description we could (personal and car). My young waitress did not do well with having to deal with that. I'm glad John was there in case anything came of it but all in all it was an unpleasant experience I don't want to have to deal with ever again! This is one reason I carry a gun ALL THE TIME!
I also had a regular come in who was skunk drunk, he will get a pop on the back of the head when he is sober and a little lecture. ;-) (he is just a year or so older than me and he needs to grow up!)
Saturday also held some good things! I had my first family birthday party at the cafe! I had a friend call and say her son (11) had picked my cafe as the place he wanted to have for his family birthday party! They came in after the dining room closed on Saturday and I fed them and they visited and I hope had a good time! I'm so glad I could have them!
I have my Valentines Special ready to go, word has begun to spread about it. . .
This weeks special flier is printed and ready to distribute.

I think I'm ready for another week! Looking forward to the blessings God has in store for the week!


  1. Ooooh, that Valentine's special sounds good! (Ribeyes are our favorite steak.) I've enjoyed seeing your specials on Facebook, too!

    Love it that you pack a pistol all the time -- you don't see that on Food Network, lol! (Maybe we should?!) Glad to hear things turned out okay. Happy Valentine's Day to you & John and continued blessings on your business! :)

  2. Just mailed your coffee today... sorry it took so long! (Look for it around Saturday.) Russ and I are looking forward to a visit "in person" sometime this summer... I need a BURGER!!! (Not just ANY burger... one of YOUR burgers!) "Hi" to John. :)