Sunday, April 10, 2016

It's the Little Things in Marriage

Warning: Might be offensive to some, might be mushy, might be PG13 in places.

Next Saturday, April 16, we will be married 17 years! (As John says, I was 12 when we got married ;-))  SEVENTEEN YEARS!!!!
That's a long time but it's also such a short time, I'm looking forward to 50+ years ahead of us! Anyway, this blog is going to be about the simple things that make a marriage.....Maybe it will help someone see that your spouse doesn't have to do big things all the time to keep your love going strong...  I think those little things can fill you up and make all the difference in the world.
First off, I can't imagine my life without John.  He's my best friend.  He's my lover.  He's my sounding board for crazy ideas.  He keeps me grounded and on a level path.  He provides everything I need.
So, this morning I needed help putting a necklace on that has a short chain and John happened down the hall to watch me get dressed and stepped up and helped me with the clasp.  His hands grazed the back of my neck and gave me chills.  It also made me realize that I would have been fighting with the clasp for who knows how long if I wouldn't have had his help.  That made me realize there are a million "little things" that he does every day to show me his love without saying it.  Yes, I love to hear him tell me he loves me but the acts and touches and whispered words are also as endearing and needed just as much....
Here's my list, albeit, no where near complete, it would take pages and pages, and like I said, some mushy, some PG13 but maybe they'll make you think about your spouse and your relationship.......

His arm around me at church
Holding hands driving down the road
A soft kiss on my closed eyes
His giant manly hands caressing any part of me
Him scratching my head and/or back
His smile
Helping me undress after church every week
Laying naked in bed talking about random things
Sitting on the porch talking about random things
Sitting together reading a book in the quiet of the day knowing we're together
Walking across the yard hand in hand
Doing chores together
His support of my totally random ideas and projects
How proud he is of me when thos random ideas/projects are complete and/or working
Sitting by the pond during his lunch hour enjoying each others company along with lunch
Being woken up with a light hand and soft kiss and whisper in my ear
Random messages asking how things are going
Sitting in the same room sending kinky messages to each via IM just because we can
The smile on  his face every time he sees me after a time away from each other
The excitement I see on  his face when I tell him I'm going to be in town to have lunch with him
Small random gifts
A note left on the mirror
The smell of his cologne on his pillow that I snuggle after he gets out of bed
Cards left on the counter with sweet notes and cash for shopping for specific things I've mentioned
Folded and put away laundry
Loading the dishwasher
Laying in the grass looking up at the sky
Flowers, picked in yard, on the side of the road, or from the florist
An out of the blue compliment about my make up
An admiration about specific parts of my body, not always my chest or backside ;-)
Showers together
His lies to people around about how I'm a better shot than he is
Foot massages
Bringing me coffee in bed
A whisper in my ear of I love you when there is no reason to whisper
Kisses on my neck
Making out like a teenager, I'm not going to lie, they usually end way further than a teenager should go but they're a fun start

Okay, I think I better stop.  Like I said there are so many little things that make our marriage great and I'll not bore you with anymore, if you happened to even make it past the first couple....

So, here's to 17+ more years of a great marriage and all the little things that make us smile about each other.
The love of my life, my best friend, my companion, my lover
Awww one of my favorite views

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  1. These are all the things that most of us take for granted then we realize just how much they meant when we no longer have them because suddenly we have lost that someone speacial in our life all we have are the wonderful memories u should always cherish these moments with them while u still can