Sunday, June 7, 2015


For the last 3 weeks I've cooked Wednesday night supper for the youth at the church we use to go to....  This is something I did for 2 years (feeding anywhere from 75 to 175 kids) until we decided to go to a different church...  Well a few weeks ago I got called out of retirement for a short 3 weeks.  A little different than before, instead of going to the church and cooking for 3 to 4 hours with a group of great volunteers, I decided I would cook it all at my house and just delivery it, that saved me time because I could do things around the house while things cooked.  Something I didn't think about was all those great volunteers always did the dishes!  Yikes!  Anyway, the point is as I was cooking various meals I was thinking and praying for those volunteers I had worked with in the past.  The first to come to mind was an amazing lady named Angie, I thought of here while I was making rice krispie treats, which she ended up making every time they were on the menu!  She's is a great encourager and so fun to be around. You will always be laughing if she's around!  Then there's Vickie and her willing heart to serve, she was the first to show up the very first time I cooked, I had in my head that I would be working alone but thankfully, I was wrong. Vickie was a master salad maker, which we served almost every week!  Then Susie, she is such a positive lady and loves serving, she was our do whatever needed done lady.  I didn't get to work with Zack a lot but occasionally he'd pop in before his bus route and lend a hand.  I thought of him because of the "ranch bread", which is French bread cut in half, buttered, and sprinkling with ranch seasoning.  Zach was a fan and helped cut and eat often.  Oh, can't forget Spiva, he was the dessert helper, and when I say helper, he helped eat it, as much as he could get by with! Last but in no way least is Jacquie!  Jacquie was my.  " handler ", she could "handle" anything thrown at her from dishes to filling in when I couldn't be there and she was also my grocery shopping partner.  I could have done it without all of these wonderful people (and many others!)but it wouldn't been as easy or near as fun and I would have developed lasting friendships!

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