Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Cafe, Candy Making, Christmas Lights, and Smith

Here's some pics of the cafe J and I are buying.  It is the oldest building in Agra and I love it!  I will have to take pics of the inside after I take over ownership.

I love the mural on the side of the building!  I would like to do something similar on one of the walls on the inside.

Now for some candy making and family time.  This is the 2nd time some of my family has come over at Christmas time and made candy.  We started out with breakfast at "my cafe" where I cooked for them, then went to work on making candy.

This is Pilar, I am SO proud of her and how she's grown up over the last year!  She is now an "Army Wife" and lives a long ways from home!  Like the state of Washington, That's almost as far away from Oklahoma as you can get! 
Cousin Pilar, Sister Katie (aka chubby wubby (can you tell she's pregnant?) (skinny people make me sick) )  and my Mom

Amber had her hands full with a cousin and a son.  I think her son was a little jealous of Kyson!
NeNe taking Kyson on for a little bit.  He is a VERY lovey baby!  AND AND AND HE HAS RED HAIR LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stirring.  You do a lot of stirring when you make candy!
More stirring going on!
Kyson loved popsicles, they made his teefers feel better!
And the candy.  Toffee. . . Thanks Pilar for bringing the recipe, it was much better than last years!
Chocolate covered pretzels, toffee, bon bons (coconut/pecan), turtles.  We also made fudge but Chubby Wubby put too much milnot in it and it didn't set up.  It taste good but you have to eat it with a spoon.
Divinity with Grandma Carolyn's recipe.  Not sweet enough for me and it was sticky.  One of these days we'll get divinity to work right!

And Christmas Lights. . .
Is that a fiddler on the roof?  He's on the roof, and he's fiddling with something.  :D
Old school big bulb red Christmas lights!  LOVE THEM!

And last but not least.  Smith.  He's getting big!  He love playing with balls and fetching, he loves his sock monkey, and he loves fighting with me and the other dogs.  Isn't he cute! 


  1. Oh, MY! Congratulations! A exciting! There's nothing like getting together with family for the holidays and baking! It was nice to see a little slice of your life and I'm SO happy for you! Best of luck with your business venture!

  2. Awesome as always! Love your pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cindy Crenshaw-MartinDecember 11, 2011 at 4:38 PM

    Congratulations Missy! When is the grand opening, and will you be selling some of this delicious looking candy?? I sure hope so!

  4. Missy, this was so fun to see and read -- I love it that your family gets together to make goodies! Your cafe looks amazing -- that mural is beautiful and I can hardly wait to see the inside when you're open! Lol about your fiddler on the roof. :) Merry Christmas!